DeerRun Q1 Pro Smart Walking Pad with remote control 【Custom size】

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Valid Till: March 25, 2024
Color: Black
Size: 41 * 19.57
Load bearing(165/198/300): 165Lbs
''...women’s fitness needs should not be forgotten...''
''...DeerRun focuses on women’s fitness ...''
''...more women will enjoy health...''
''...suitable for use in the office or at home...''
"...based on the results of survey of female users..."

New experience of working from home - WalkingPad

DeerRun Q1 Pro Smart Walking Pad features a compact, portable body design, allowing you to place the Walkingpad under your desk, allowing you to achieve your daily step goals while working from home.

4.8-inch thickness allows this treadmill to be hidden in tight spaces

The WalkingPad Treadmill is so compact that it can be stored in almost any corner of your home, under the sofa, under the bed and other tight spaces.

With LED display, real-time viewing of sports data

Five-layer Structure, A Snug Fit On The Foot

Shock-absorbing, durable, and anti-static - four layers of careful design will help you regain your motility and engage in mild exercise. With a comfy foot, you'll feel as if you're walking on a plastic track, and your knees will never squeak.

Brushless Motor, Noise Reduction

Brushless motor featuring high horsepower and lower noise, no-load and full-speed operation producing only 65dB, freeing you of any worry about being complained when exercising late at night.